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IT Breaks Box Office Records For Second Straight Week For Top Spot

IT movie review - Pennywise

The Clown slays all who come at him. Stephen King’s ‘IT’ has taken the number one spot in the box office fight for a second week in a row with an estimated weekend gross of $60M. That helps push the film to more record breaking numbers and setting records for the horror genre.

In less then two weeks time IT has racked up more then $218M in the U.S. passing Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ with $175M and officially making IT the moist successful September film release of all time.

IT also took in more then $60M this weekend oversea’s bringing in a total of over $150M from foreign markets. That brings the film world total to more then $370M in the first two weeks.

We’ve seen a rise in the horror genre’s popularity over the last 5 years but the growth had been in Television shows with more then 20 prime time horror TV series. Now it seems that horror cannot be denied in the theaters either. Before IT the largest grossing genre film had come from the Paranormal franchise with it record opening weekend of $52M. Those numbers were not large enough for the studios to truly pay attention.

With IT, the film has brought in the same opening weekend numbers as the films they spend $200M to make. And those films fail more then succeed. IT cast $35M to make. A fraction of the cost of those giant tent pole films. Maybe horror will finally get the respect it deserves from Studios.

Go float into a theater and see IT. You’ll be glad you did.

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