Lionsgate was once known as the biggest home for genre films, and it looks like they’re revisiting their roots.

The company has acquired the rights to James Wan’s new thriller SMART HOUSE and will distribute it via their Summit Entertainment imprint.

James Wan has been the ultimate guide in the horror world, starting out with his first film, the original SAW, also with Lionsgate, and moving on to such hits such as INSIDIOUS, THE CONJURING and their sequels, and branching out to tentpoles FURIOUS 7 and the upcoming AQUAMAN.

SMART HOUSE will be produced and directed by Alexandre Aja, known for HIGH TENSION, THE HILLS HAVE EYES remake, and PIRANHA 3D. The script for the film is written by Brad Keene, who has previously scribed THE GRAVEDANCERS, FROM WITHIN, and THE GRUDGE 3.

Smart House

According to THR, the film centers around a world of smart phones and smart cars and a family in the witness protection program placed in the custody of a state-of-the-art autonomous “smart house.” When a group of assassins locates the family, the smart house goes into a lethal defense mode.

As the film has just been acquired, it’s still looking for a cast and a release date. Keep an eye out here for more news on SMART HOUSE as it develops.


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