Friday the 13th

The Friday The 13th movie has had some tough times.

Remember when we were supposed to see the next installment in the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise back in 2013? It looks like we’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer, again, as Cinema Blend is reporting that the 13th entry in the legendary series has been pushed back to October 13, 2017. Even though this is the fourth time the release for the troubled film has been moved, this might be some positive news.

While the project has since seen several writers and directors come and go since Warner Bros. returned the rights to Paramount, the film is now moving forward with a script by Aaron Guzikowski and recently hired director Breck Eisner. The move from January 13, 2017 was expected, as Eisner was brought on in August and the film hasn’t even begun shooting yet. It would be next to impossible to hit a January release date at this point.

elias-voorheesThe delay also gives Eisner more time to work with Guzikowski on the script and polish the development of the film before going before the cameras. The actual plot of the film hasn’t been revealed, but the current incarnation is believed to be something of an origin story, bringing back Jason’s murderous mother Pamela Voorhees, and introducing fans to his menacing father, Elias Voorhees. Though nearly making it into several FRIDAY THE 13TH sequels, Elias has only been seen in the novelization of JASON LIVES and several comics.

The shifting release date also takes it from the proverbial release dumping ground of January into the prime horror real-estate of October, and could signal the studio’s renewed faith in the sequel. Apart from keeping it on Friday the 13th, audiences are always scrambling for more films in the Halloween season, and the last couple of years have seen a relatively bare release schedule.

It’s worth noting that FRIDAY THE 13TH’s release is being moved along with another Paramount horror franchise, the F. Javier Gutiérrez-led RINGS sequel. Originally slated for October 23, 2017, it has been moved to February 3rd, 2017. Variety is reporting the moves may be for financial reason, as they are reporting that the studio may be poised to write off as much as $500 million this year, and shifting schedules may make things look better on paper. With rumors of financial fallout and executives moving on, letting FRIDAY THE 13TH develop more might be the best move.

Are you ready to head back into the woods with Jason? How do you feel about the next foray being an origin story? Let us know what you think and stay with Tom Holland’s Terror Time as we watch the film’s development.

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