Another Painkiller Jane adaptation is currently in the works. This time it will be a feature length film that will star Jessica Chastain as the comic book heroine Jane Vasko. The film will also be produced by Chastain. The indestructible comic character has been widely popular since her debut in the 90’s and this adaptation looks to be promising if they stick with the source material. Painkiller Jane has had crossover story arcs with Punisher, Hellboy, Darkness and Vampirella. This would be the third attempt at Painkiller Jane; the first two were on television. The series and the made for TV movie all had very mixed reviews.


This will be the first comic book role for Chastain and all signs point to her being a strong and powerful female lead. Female-led superhero films have been very few and far between but with this news and the upcoming WONDER WOMAN hopefully this will change. Even though this property was previously used for television, I feel like a larger budget film helmed by Chastain is a good indication that it will be more in line with what fans want to see. There are no details yet on the release date.


We will keep you updated on this exciting project!



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