Ah, the exhilaration of Halloween was at an all time high this past weekend. I am the type of horror nerd that likes to walk around Spirit Halloween Stores, lurking amongst the crowded and satisfying that primal urge in suppressing my out of control, morbid shopping habit.


So, as you can imagine I am also a savage when it comes to Halloween themed events. With a successful experience with Halloween Horror Nights kicking off last month, I was ecstatic to finally make my way into this years Knott’s So Scary event.

The backlot, where all the scare actors were made into frivolous monsters and demons from hell, was just buzzing with excitement and it was pretty awesome to see how everything came together.

If you want a little more backstory on Knott’s, you will have to understand that you will not find licensed horror here. Meaning, don’t expect any horror icons to show their rabid faces. The events at Knott’s is strictly based on in-house derived content. Focusing solely on folklore, the spirit of Halloween and creative juices from the directors of the event, this is the element that makes this event truly incomparable.


Now let’s discuss prices: Buy online and save bucks. A ticket at the Front Gate is $72.00, online it’s $42.00 Are you a pass holder? Gate price is still $72.00, online is $37.00.

Don’t want to wait? Purchase the Fright Lane with Skeleton Key for an additional $85.00. This will allow the holder unlimited priority access to all mazes as well as a Skeleton Key which will give you one time access to 4 exclusive standalone Skeleton Key Rooms.

I went on a Friday night and the lines weren’t too bad. Special shoutout to my friend LA ZombieGirl who is an AMAZING makeup artist for the event. I got to spend some time with her and then she was kind enough to go through the mazes with me.


Here is the lowdown on my experience and the events.

First, let me get the bad stuff out of the way. The security here is horrible. I seen a cast member get attacked by a visitor and it took nearly 7 minutes for security to show up. The whole entire park reeked of marijuana. If you thought the heavy fog might be people smoking pot, you could possibly be correct. I do have to maintain that the crowd wasn’t rowdy. There were a lot of young kids, but, they maintained maturity on an impressive level

The mazes were awesome. Dare I say they were better than, say, Universal? I think it is unfair to compare both parks as they both extract an element of originality that has remained true to its respective brand.

Back, to the mazes.

Trick or Treat – Hands down my favorite. I suppose I am being a bit partial here, but if this maze doesn’t harden your pumpkin seed, I don’t know what will. Full to the brim with witches, pumpkins and folklore galore, this is a MUST. Some may argue that due to the age of the maze, it has been running for five years, it might be a bit outdated. I digress. Stay put Trick or Treat.

Voodoo Order of the Serpent – Step up into the swampy plains of New Orleans where  no two guests will experience this maze in quite the same way. This maze allows you to choose your own path about halfway in. I particularly enjoyed the sadistic nature of the cast members and how well they got into character. Special shoutout to my girl Jennifer who made this experience  specially unique for LA’s Zombie Girl and I!

The Dead of Winter: Wendigo’s Revenge – Visually i thought this maze was beautiful. The location is inside a theatre, so at first I was al little confused as to what was entailed. As you make your way into the lit venue, you come to the realization that you are in the grasp of the evil Snow Queen.


Shadow Lands – An absolutely gorgeous maze that interwove the horror of a Japanese Temple full to the brim with rotting corpses.

Red Barn – I was excited for this one. There is something about farmers and sadistic family members that really get my blood pumping.  This farm homes carnivorous animals, sadistic hillbillies with pitchforks and chainsaws.

Paranormal Inc. – A modern day spin that puts guests in a Paranormal TV show investigating a hospital that housed toured patients. My favorite aspect of this maze is the fact that it is interactive and you become one of the “investigators.”

Gunslinger’s Grave: A Blood Moon Rises – Werewolves and gun slinging Westerners prepare to battle it out in an Old Town.

Tooth Fairy – Exactly what it sounds like.  The Dentist’s house and the fearful Tooth Fairy unite two of your biggest fears.

All in all, this event is a must for all thrill seekers. With the ambiance of Halloween, fairly cheap ticket prices and some amazing creative footwork in the park, it is quite shocking to see why most people choose Universal over Knott’s during Halloween.

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