Lionsgate Acquire KIN, James Franco’s New Sci-Fi Thriller

Every once in a while, a project in announced that makes you go “Yeah. That makes sense.” The idea of James Franco, in his infinite weirdness and eccentricities, starring in sci-fi films seems almost too good a fit. Why I never made that connection before, I don’t know. However, it was announced yesterday that Lionsgate has acquired the rights to his new sci-fi thriller, KIN (set to co-star Zoe Kravitz and Jack Reynor) and I’d be lying if I didn’t immediately think, “Hm. Makes sense.”

In an article published by The Hollywood Reporter yesterday, Lionsgate announced they’d agreed to finance and distribute the new sci-fi thriller KIN starring James Franco, Jack Reynor, and Zoe Kravitz.

Through a pre-buy deal out of the Toronto Film Festival, a source said that the studio had paid in the “mid-to high $20 million range.”

KIN tells the story of a recently release ex-convict (Reynor) and his adopted younger brother who are forced to go on the run as they’re chased by a vengeful criminal (Franco), the feds, and an onslaught of “otherworldly” soldiers. Their only protection? A found weapon of mysterious origin. Dennis Quaid is also set to star in the film, playing the brothers’ father and Kravitz is said to join the brothers’ journey as their one trusted ally. Johnathan and Josh Baker will direct the feature, based on a script from Daniel Casey; which was adopted from Baker’s short film BAG MAN.

21 Laps’ Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen – who produced Netflix’s summer blockbuster “Stranger Things”, will produce the project along with No Trace Camping’s Jeff Arkuss, David Gross, and Jesse Shapira. No Trace was the production company behind last year’s Oscar contender ROOM. With the lineup of major players dedicated to making this project work, it seems almost impossible for it to be anything but spectacular. Shooting for KIN is slated to begin October 24 th in Toronto.

A release date is yet to be determined.

As always, we’ll keep up to date with the project and deliver more information as it becomes available!

Until then, I’ll just go ahead and mentally recast James Franco as the male lead in all of my favorite sci-fi films because the idea of him playing Seth Brundle in THE FLY or R.J. MacReady a la THE THING is too amazing/hilarious to pass up.

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