Healthcare workers across America are running dangerously low on masks and protective equipment to keep them and their families safe. They’re depending on us, so one day…we may depend on them.

“The indie comic community wanted to help them and ‘Heroes Need Masks‘ is how we’re accomplishing the goal,” says Eddy Hedington, owner of Grit City Comics in Tacoma, Washington, has had two previous successful Kickstarter campaigns with the 2019 comic anthology Monster Mashup #1 (with its second volume releasing late 2020 series) and The Dunwich Boys Issue 1 (with the 2nd issue in production.)

The “Heroes Need Masks” comic book anthology is 32 creators working on 17 stories to raise awareness of our healthcare workers during our COVID-19 pandemic with positive stories of hope, community and masks.

All of the comic creators have volunteered their time on the anthology to help our healthcare workers, but they can’t do it alone. The Heroes Need Masks Kickstarter campaign has 15 days remaining as of this writing and they need your help. Every little bit helps when you donate.

Perks have been kept simple with only three offerings: pledge without a reward because you believe in the cause, $8 gets you a digital copy of the anthology, and the third perk — now sold out! — is a portrait of your favorite healthcare worker by one of the artists for an $85 donation.

Some of the comic community’s most caring creators have decided to combine their efforts and put together this amazing anthology. “It’s their goal to fill this anthology to the brim with positive stories about hope, humor, community and the need for masks. We feel that stories are a great source for positive inspiration, which is greatly needed during this time…and we’d like to share that with you,” says Hedington.

Hedington says,”We want get PPE to the healthcare workers who depend on it for safety…but we’re just comic nerds. We don’t know how to handle that sort of task…again, this is something we can not do alone. That is where steps in!”

GetUsPPE is a grassroots movement founded by physicians and medical researchers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their team has grown to include engineers, scientists, programmers, and concerned citizens working around the clock to get them and their colleagues the equipment they need.

If you’re a fan of comics or if you know someone who is a fan of comics, PLEASE consider backing their project, or go and support getting PPE to healthcare workers there.

Eddy Hedington is a comic writer and letterer and the founder of Grit City Comics. He lives in Tacoma(Grit City), Washington with his wife and kids. He’s had many contributions to successful anthologies, such as: “Cthulhu is Hard to Spell”, “Little Heroes” vol: 2 and 3, “Space Copz: Origins”, “Why Faith?” and “ComixCentral Presents: The Best of Indie Anthology 2019″…with many more projects in the works.

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