Podcasts over the past few years have become a major force in media especially  in the world of horror media. Hands down the best podcast in this arena is The Movie Crypt which is hosted by genre stalwarts, Adam Green (Spiral, Hatchet, Frozen) and Joe Lynch (Mayhem, Wrong Turn 2). For four years Adam and Joe have given their all on air to educate, motivate, and entertain the fans, now after their 200th episode it’s time for us to help them out.

Episode 200 of the show with guest, John Landis (American Werewolf in London) was released this week and on the podcast it was announced that Adam and Joe were very close to hanging up the microphones for good before some friends advised them to try launching a Patreon campaign in order to keep the hit show going. This is a make or break moment for The Movie Crypt and it’s survival lies solely in our hands. Over the past 200 episodes of the show there have been countless moments that have given people the hope and inspiration that was needed to follow their dreams. It would be a damn shame to let this show die. I’ve been a horror podcaster for five years and I personally know the struggle that it is to consistently provide a quality show to the listeners. As you can read from Adam’s Facebook post it’s in the hands of the fans whether we will continue to get weekly content:

“As you’ll hear at the end of today’s 200th episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT… it was originally recorded to be our final episode. After 4 years and an obscene amount of “volunteer” work with producing/performing the podcast every single week… we were retiring. HOWEVER, at the 11th hour (LITERALLY) we got cold feet and let Arwen (and others who’s opinions we respect and listen to) talk us into launching a Patreon campaign before making the decision to hang up our mics for good. We were incredibly sad to close the Crypt’s doors when we originally recorded the 200th episode and said “farewell.” We really don’t want to see it end. But at the same time, we can’t conceivably justify the hours and hours of work that producing this program takes every week unless we’re supported by the audience we do all of that work for. We believe that what we do is worth something and we hope that you’ll agree. Given the popularity of the show (in iTunes “What’s Hot” in TV/Film podcasts every single week so clearly a LOT of people are listening) this Patreon campaign should work, right? Let’s see what happens! Our fingers (and paws) are crossed that enough listeners in our worldwide audience will step up and pledge a few bucks a month so that we can justify continuing on with the program. We very much hope that you’ll support THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast here: https://www.patreon.com/TheMovieCrypt However it all shakes out, we’ll accept the fate you choose for us. And if you choose to let us go? Well… we will not love you all any less. But we’re not gonna accept defeat without at least giving this a chance! Please… show us some love back? Show us that we mean something to you! We need your support, friends! Most sincerely – AG, JL, & A”


Let’s show Adam and Joe that horror fans are the most loyal fans walking the planet by keeping them going. It would be a huge loss to the horror community to let this amazing piece of genre entertainment die.

Contribute to the Patreon Campaign  by clicking HERE


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