Things change fast in Hollywood. Last month we reported that Benicio Del Toro had taken the lead role in Shane Black’s ‘Predator’ reboot. That’s all changed now and we have learned that ‘Narco’s’ star Byod Holbrook is now in negotiations to take over for Benicio.


THR reports Del Toro has fallen out of negotiations with Fox to star in The Predator, the reboot of the alien action movie series that Shane Black is directing for the studio, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

The reasons why Del Toro left the project are unkown.

Fox is not wasting time and are going after its new lead: Boyd Holbrook, one of the stars of Netflix’s drug cartel series Narcos.

Holbrook does not have the star power Del Toro has, Fox is planning on beefing up the supporting cast. And the rising actor does have plenty of love and support from the studio itself: He has appeared in three Fox movies in the last two years, the latest one being Logan, the X-Men spinoff in which he is the movie’s villain. (Gone Girl and Morgan are the other two.)

Casting Del Toro in Predator was a challenge from the beginning. The actor and the studio danced for months around this project, with one obstacle being Del Toro’s schedule (among the projects he was supposed to shoot was a sequel to Sicario). Fox even pushed back the start date to February in order to accommodate the actor. Sources say scheduling issues again became a problem when Del Toro’s other movies were rejigged.

This is a project that fans are excited to see and Shane Black has done a great job of teasing fans on social media with updates on the project. I dig ‘Narco’s’ and Boyd Holbrook is great in that show. It will be interesting to see where his career goes. For now we wait for the ‘Predator’ is coming!


source: THR



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