Image: @PassionPopSoc via Twitter

Images and videos captured by baby monitors have been giving people the creeps around the world for several years now – and thanks to this creep factor and the power of social media, these images often go viral, and/or become the subject of reaction videos and compilation reels.

Now you can add another freaky baby image to the list… and to your nightmares.

Twitter user Passion Pop Socialist (@PassionPopSoc) learned the hard way – or so they said – after purchasing one of these monitors for their infant, later tweeting a disturbing shot from the monitor’s screen.

“We got a new video baby monitor and I think that was a mistake,” the parent commented.

As of today, the tweet is rapidly approaching the half-million mark, and while the user later admitted it was just a silly joke, and the child’s “demonic” look is actually a common side-effect of the monitor’s night-vision capability, it’s still pretty spooky… and has generated many hilarious comments from other Twitter users, many of whom shared their own “demon baby” images.

PassionPopSoc demonstrated their own macabre sense of humor by responding with a new post, showing a “normal” photo of their child, “so y’all can see how cute he is.” (Also, note the eyes of the young woman sitting in the background.)

Image: @PassionPopSoc via Twitter

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