Those of you who don’t know of the infamous Richard Ramirez might be in for a little shock. I suppose the most shocking part is that you don’t know of the serial killer dubbed, ‘The Night Stalker.’ Known for his reign of terror in the eighties, this cold blooded murderer was a self proclaimed rapist, burglar and killer.

Ramirez Goes Down in Serial Killer History

Richard was eventually convicted of 13 murders across northern and southern California. But, it was in 1987 that he made an astounding encounter. Sean Penn and Richard Ramirez were both booked in a downtown jail and noticed each other around the compound. Penn was a known name back then and one that Ramirez recognized and through a deputy, he requested Penn’s autograph. Penn wrote back to Ramirez and aptly noted “I hope gas descends on you before sanity does.”  At that time, Penn was serving time for reckless driving that served him sixty days in the tank.

To understand the sadistic ways of Ramirez is to take a glimpse into the massacre that was unveiled at the hand of this sadistic killer. He was born in a church going family from El Paso, Texas. However, he was known to be a thief. He later moved to California where his stint in Satanism and drug use came to full blow. It was then his desire to torture and kill people that came into play.

His victims ranged in age from nine years old to 79. His means of murder included slashing throats, decapitation, torture to corpses and rape. Ramirez perished from B-cell lymphoma while awaiting trial on death row at the San Quentin State Prison. He was 53 years old.

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