Joko Anwar’s hit horror film, Impetigore, had its international premiere at Sundance after a smash run in Anwar’s home country of Indonesia, where it was the fifth highest-grossing release of 2019. If the film’s tagline “Family Can Get Under Your Skin” and the trailer are any indication, I’m anticipating a creepy ride of inherited scary family drama.

Impetigore is the story of Maya who, with her best friend, Dini, is trying to survive in a big city in Indonesia without a family. Upon finding out that she might inherit a large property from her rich family, Maya returns to her ancestral village with Dini, unaware of the danger waiting for her.

Impetigore is my love letter to horror movies I grew up with, slashers, ghost stories, wrapped in a tragic family drama not unlike my family. I’m excited to be working again with Shudder to bring Impetigore to their members around the world,” said Joko Anwar.

Impetigore stars Tara Basro (Satan’s Slaves), Marissa Anita, (HBO Asia’s Folklore: A Mother’s Love) Asmara Abigail (Satan’s Slaves), Ario Bayu (Dead Time), and Christine Hakim (Eat, Pray, Love), and is written and directed by Joko Anwar.

Anwar’s award-winning supernatural movie, Satan’s Slaves, was released as a Shudder Original in 2018. Satan’s Slaves has been a top performing title for Shudder and has also been embraced by critics with an 89% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 

“Joko Anwar is a master of modern horror, and Satan’s Slaves is one of the most loved — and scariest — movies on Shudder. We couldn’t wait to work with him again and are thrilled to share his scary, visceral and darkly sinister Impetigore with Shudder members,” said Craig Engler, Shudder’s General Manager. 

Impetigore will premiere on Shudder in the US, Canada and the UK on July 23. 

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