Secret screenings at film festivals and horror conventions usually signal that your eyes are in store for something special and at Texas Frightmare last night Stephen Biro unleashed the horror with his screening of American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice which is the fourth installment in the Americanized series of films. While most were expecting him to debut the third film in the series, Song of Solomon, he bucked the system and bestowed upon the horror world a film that is a definite mental endurance test.

When the logo for the series graces the screen you know that you won’t be the same after watching whatever is about to follow and for good reason. Since this was the first screening of the film I don’t want to ruin any plot points but I will say that this film drills under your skin and plants itself there well after the credits roll. Directed by Poison Rogue, written by Samuel Marolla, and starring Roberto Scorza and Flora Giannattasio. Sacrifice highlights how a smart filmmaker can craft a horrifying and brutal tale with minimal locations and only two actors. Roberto Scorza puts on an acting clinic as Daniel and carries the film with his dedication to the script and numerous practical FX appliances by Athanasius Pernath. Speaking of the FX , the work shown in this film by Athanasius is glorious. Running the gamut from a hand slice to a genital mutilation that will have every man in the audience cringing.


With the genre being in the current trend of remakes and sequels this film hearkens back to the roots of true horror by simply placing a relatable character in an emotional situation that causes the viewer to question what we are truly willing to sacrifice. This is a film that is guaranteed to make you think and with the addition of the makeup FX possibly lose your lunch. I highly recommend keeping tuned in to the news on Sacrifice and future festival screening dates.


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