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Very few people do not know who Stephen King is. Even the mention of his name provokes an immediate association to horror. A literary pioneer, King revolutionized a horror sub-genre. Used in many literary and cinematic circles as a descriptive. “That was a very King-like in style.” The recipient of that analogy is, more often that not, clear and satisfied.

Via Laughing Squid, Blank on Blank has released a classic King interview that was conducted in October 1989 by Thomas Smith for The Public Radio Book Show. The animation for this video was created by Patrick Smith and it offered some humorous visuals for King’s words as well as a few visual callbacks to some of his most famous tales including Carrie, and It.

Just some of the literary works from Stephen King

Nerdist reports The video opens with King’s reflection on childhood, as he witnessed a little girl lost in her own world of imaginary people while realizing that it was not only very close to what he does as a writer, but something that would get him locked away if he did it in public. King also shared a few thoughts on why the minds of adults are so different from those of children, while once again clarifying that his predilections toward horror were not born out of some childhood trauma that he suffered.

I think that a lot of what we think of as horror fiction or fiction of the macabre comes out of this sense of futurity that we haveAs we grow older we become aware of the fact that we are going to die and most of us are going to die in ways that are that are unpleasant. For most of us, it’s there, it’s waiting for us. We understand that on an intellectual level. But I don’t think on an emotional level or a spiritual level we ever quite come to terms with it. Mentally we grasp it, emotionally we can’t quite grasp it.” ~ Stephen King



David Gerlach


Patrick Smith


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“Opening Credits” Johnny Ripper

“Sunset” Kai Engle

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“Frozen Emotion” Gresby Race Nash

“Still Life” Vyvyan James Hope-Scott



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