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Stephen King Has Been On a Roll Lately

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With “The Dark Tower” still playing in theaters, the release of the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s “IT” will mark the first time legendary horror writer has had two movies on the big screen at the same time.

The Dark Tower


Come September 8th, you won’t find Stephen King doing the interview rounds to promote the movie’s release. There will be no talk show circuit or surprise appearances for the man that many think is on top of the horror genre, instead, he’ll be on a book tour with his son, promoting their new book: Sleeping Beauties.

Sleeping Beauties

Add to this the fact that Audience has started airing their TV adaptation of Mr. Mercedes, Hulu has started working on a Castle Rock project, and his latest book The Outsider should be hitting shelves in 2018, and it’s easy to see why for a man who is going to turn 70 next month, you could say he’s been getting a lot of exposure lately.

“IT” will be a reboot of sorts of the 1990 version of the film starring Bill Skarsgard and Finn Wolfhard. Looking at a few of the other films being released that week, it looks to have a very good shot at taking top box office honors for the second week of September.


Sleeping Beauties envisions a world where every woman on the planet falls asleep and the crippling social and emotional effects it has on the other half of the population.

Not much is known about The Outsider as King and his publicist have been hesitant to talk much about the project. Speculation is building though that it won’t be a stand alone novel, but rather a sequel to either the Mr. Mercedes series or The Dark Tower series. Either way, we will probably find out more about it once his current movies are out of theaters and the book tour has wrapped up.

This has definitely been the year of Stephen King

Stephen King

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