If you’re not up to speed with the macabre creations of Steve McGinnis, now’s the ideal time to catch up. The works of this talented artist & illustrator have graced the covers of major horror magazines including Fangoria, GoreZone, Diabolique and GoreNoir, and he has worked on major studio features including the IT films, as well as independent horror releases such as the cult hit Terrifier. We may be a bit biased, of course, as McGinnis created all the amazing illustrations in the Fright Night Coloring Book (which you can find in our web store), but that’s just one of many testaments to his skills.

McGinnis is also the creative force behind the graphic novel series Rise of the Harvester, an epic slasher saga in comic form revolving around the maniacal Samuel Troyers, a.k.a. “The Harvester.”

Almost two years in the making and weighing in at 90 pages, third installment Homecoming finds Troyers returning to his old homestead, only to discover things have changed significantly during his long stay in the asylum… including a new subdivision built on his land, filled with fresh new victims ripe for reaping.

Homecoming is available to purchase from the artist’s official site, along with the previous two volumes. While you’re there, be sure to browse his galleries of movie posters, magazine illustrations & covers, and even kid-friendly art.

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