Suicide Squad

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If you have seen any of the trailers for SUICIDE SQUAD, you know that at least Batman will have a cameo in the film. For a film that is about bad vs really bad, there seems to be more than a few ties to the heroes of the Justice League.  The cast list released this week makes it pretty clear that Ezra Miller will be making an appearance in the film as The Flash. This isn’t a total shocker given how Captain Boomerang and The Flash have a long history, but it is exciting to know that this film is going to heavily tie in with the JUSTICE LEAGUE film in 2017. So now we have Batman, Flash, Joker and more rouges than you can shake a batarang at. It is still not clear on how all of this is going to come together, but we only have one more week until we find out. Let’s see how good the bad guys do on August 5th when SUICIDE SQUAD hits theaters.

JAI COURTNEY Suicide Squad
JAI COURTNEY as Flash Villain Boomerang in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “SUICIDE SQUAD,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

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First official JUSTICE LEAGUE image.
First official JUSTICE LEAGUE image.

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