The long rumored Suicide Squad video game has officially been cancelled. The Co-op shooter was suspected to come out with the release of the film but that window of opportunity seems to be long gone. Executives at Warner Brothers were reportedly underwhelmed by the current state of the game and pulled the plug on it. There is no indication that this is related to the critic backlash to the movie, since the Arkham universe is completely different. WB Montreal had been in production for two years on the Suicide Squad game. The title had been hinted at in the Arkham series and a lot of fans will most likely be disappointed by this turn of events. Apparently the studio has now decided to move forward with a new Batman game, focusing on Bruce Wayne’s son Damian Wayne.

Damian AKA Robin is a vicious fighter with a very dark past. His relationship with Bruce Wayne is complicated and will most likely be a challenge for the Dark Knight. It will be a very different sort of hero than what we are used to in the Arkham series. His ties to The League of Shadows should provide some interesting characters and possibly different locations other than Gotham. This is an interesting direction for a series that was starting to feel a little stale. Damian would provide an interesting storyline along with a unique style of fighting and gameplay.

Although a cooperative Suicide Squad game sounded like a delight but it is probably a good thing that WB Montreal is sticking with a property that they know they can get right. The studio responsible for Batman: Arkham Origins hasn’t given any details yet on the new Damian Wayne game but we will keep you posted with updates as they come in!


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