The Season 2 premiere of the creepy pasta television series Channel Zero is coming up this October. It has now been announced by Syfy that a third and fourth season is on the way.

The deeply chilling first season of Channel Zero was a hit with fans and critics. The horror anthology series has a ton of online stories and urban legends to keep it going for years. The dark world of internet “creepy pasta” has rarely been explored so it is exciting to see these twisted tales come to life. Season 2 will be covering the story titled “NoEnd House”.

This story involves a haunted house with increasingly terrifying rooms. It is said nobody has ever completed it. The setup of “NoEnd House” has potential to be an unforgettable installment of Channel Zero.

The first season covered the story of “Candle Cove” and introduced the world to one of the most disturbing practical effects monsters ever seen on Television. Hopefully, the upcoming seasons can top what we have seen so far with the “Tooth Child” and the “Skin-Taker”. Season 1 had bizarre performances from the cast and very odd pacing but somehow it remained entertaining and haunting throughout.
There are no details yet on the inspiration for the third and fourth seasons. Several people are hoping for Slenderman but the creators have hinted that they are not planning on adapting that story. Nick Antosca will be returning as showrunner, producer, and writer and we cannot wait to see what terror he has in store for us next.



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