Some filmmakers would just be happy enough to see their film on a big screen.  Others shoot for the stars, determined to show their labor of love to as many willing eyeballs as possible.  Jill Gevargizian is definitely a proud member of that latter group.

Gevargizian’s latest project, The Stylist, is a short film that promises to pack quite a punch.  I recently wrote about the fantastic news that this film will be premiering during the prestigious Etheria Film Festival’s opening night in Hollywood on June 11.  If you are anywhere near the West Coast on that day, do yourself a favor and check out a lineup of amazing films that promise to change the landscape of indie horror!

As a writer with a deep affinity for the amazing women in horror who are keeping the genre strong these days, I was beyond excited to have the awesome opportunity to toss a few questions over to both Jill and the star of The Stylist, Najarra Townsend.  Both women have ascended all the way up to the cream of the crop when it comes to indie films.  Gevargizian is widely considered one of the best directors working these days by her peers and Townsend is a dynamic force in front of the camera.  It seems only a matter of time before both of these ladies are gracing the theater billboards across the globe.

Najarra Townsend as Claire

Justin Hamelin/ Terror Time:  What attracted you to the role of Claire in The Stylist?

Najarra Townsend:  The first thing was Jill.  When she reached out to me, I was excited with the opportunity to work with her because I had met her a few months prior and had also seen what she had done with her previous short Call Girl.  So right off the bat I was looking forward to possibly collaborating.  Then I received the script and really fell for my character Claire.  I wanted to bring her to life.

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