Yes, you can watch the popular horror film for free. Legally.

Our friends at revealed that a free screening of LIGHTS OUT will debut for free in London. The film airs later than its US counterpart and won’t hit theaters until August 19th. However, some lucky fans will be able to view the film early at no charge.

According to, The screening of the film will take place at a private screening room, just off Oxford Street, on THURSDAY 11th AUGUST. Full details will be sent to those who get a seat or two.

New Line Cinema


A simple tweet is all it takes to snag a ticket. Simply, send a tweet that says: Please can I have a seat for Lights Out @denofgeek @warnerbrosuk #LightsOutGeek

Those who do win a seat will get a response by Monday, so make sure you check your direct messages!

LIGHTS OUT is 2016 a horror film directed by David Sandberg. The film circles around a malevolent entity that only appears in the dark; terrorizing a small family.

The film has grossed over $85 million and has received generally positive reviews.

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