I vividly remember clicking on a video back in the AOL internet days and watching a trailer for a film titled ALL AMERICAN MASSACRE. Holy hell was my mind blown. As the images flooded the screen I couldn’t believe my eyes, There was Bill Moseley in all of his Chop Top glory mixed with utter insanity and all backed by a Buckethead score. I immediately fell into an online rabbit hole trying to find a release date, more images, or at least a blurb from filmmaker, William Hooper. This was the follow up to TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 that I had longed for. Sixteen years have passed since that late night browsing session and the day has finally come. ALL AMERICAN MASSACRE has been given a new lease on life.

All American Massacre 2

William Hooper has launched a website for his production company, Abominable Entertainment and a Patreon page for ALL AMERICAN MASSACRE to assist him in finishing the last leg of post production on the film. When I interviewed Bill Moseley a few years ago we spoke about ALL AMERICAN MASSACRE and the experience of making the film. Every time I see Bill at a convention I make sure to ask him about it’s status and his response is always the same “I don’t know hopefully one day”.  For those who aren’t aware of the plot the film follows the Chop Top character during his incarceration and a news crew who has come to the prison to interview the notorious member of the infamous chainsaw wielding clan. Chop Top recounts his story to the news crew and we are treated via flashbacks to the early days and murders perpetrated by him and his family members including Leatherface who this go around is played by the aforementioned Buckethead. With Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 celebrating thirty years of glory this year it’s a perfect time to support William in wrapping up the loose ends and getting this film out to the hoards of horror fans like myself who have anticipated it’s release.

All American Massacre 3

Tobe Hooper gave genre fans an all time classic film with The TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and TEXAS CHAINSAW 2 regardless of your stance on the film provided us with Bill Moseley’s iconic Chop Top character. It’s only fitting that we as fans support William’s effort the best that we can by spreading the news and showing him and the other people who have tirelessly worked on the film all these years that the saw truly is family.

You can read more about the progress and contribute to the Patreon for ALL AMERICAN MASSACRE by clicking HERE

You can visit William’s Abominable Entertainment website HERE and the ALL AMERICAN MASSACRE website HERE






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