Today as I’m celebrating World Goth Day (May 22) I can’t think of a better time to share how excited I am about the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman on Audible. This first ever audio production of The Sandman will be arriving this summer as a multi-part Audible Original. Directed by the visionary Dirk Maggs, Gaiman will be intimately involved, serving as Creative Director, Executive Producer and Narrator. The project also features an original score by British Academy Award winning composer and musician James Hannigan.

The series boasts a cast that includes James McAvoy,Kat Dennings, Taron Edgerton, Samantha Morton, Riz Ahmend, Bebe Neuwirth, Andy Serkis and Michael Sheen.

The Sandman comic books were created at a time when creators in the comics book industry were itching to branch out and go beyond the usual spandex-suited superhero fare. Vertigo Comics, a DC imprint, was one of the companies to rise up at the end of the 80’s with editor Karen Berger and then-DC president Jenette Kahn giving The Sandman their blessings and the greenlight (or blacklight, perhaps?). It became one of Vertigo’s most important offerings.

Neil Gaiman worked on the original The Sandman series with Mike Dringenberg and Sam Keith along with artists Todd Klein, Robbie Busch and later Malcolm Jones III. A hallmark of the title was the melancholy, surreal collages created by Dave McKean for every cover. The Sandman has since had spinoffs, such as Preludes & Nocturnes and The Doll’s House, just to name a few.

What more I can say about Neil Gaiman’s work and The Sandman books that hasn’t already been said? If you aren’t acquainted with these works, get thee to the bookseller…. or a book cellar. Just get thee there. Because time is fleeting…”You get what anyone gets. You get a lifetime.”

In honor of World Goth Day today, take a moment to consider Sandman, the Lord Morpheus, and his siblings, the Endless.

Who else has a sister named Death? After 31 years, Neil Gaiman’s creations are placed firmly in the Gothic pantheon of icons. Jet black hair reaching of to the sky, black eyeliner, black lipstick,the blackest of black garments, an ankh and of course, pointy boots. As Gaiman said, “Death is the second oldest of the Endless. It’s not hard to love her. She loves you, after all.”

Don’t forget to pre-order Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman on Audible, coming this summer!

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