Episodes of Horror: Angel – Hell Bound

The spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer starring David Boreanaz was well known for it’s dark imagery and slightly more serious tone but for...
American Horror Story Hotel

American Horror Story: Hotel new trailer is here and it’s terrifying!

It's that time of year! Time for American Horror Story to return to FX for it's 5th season. In the past AHS has taken us...

Replica Camp Crystal Lake Signs Can Now Be Yours

Ever wanted to turn your backyard into your very own Camp Crystal Lake? Now you can! The UK based company Wimblett Products & Designs has...

Trick or Treat 2 update from Writer/Director

During an interview with IGN writer/director Michael Dougherty gave details to the announced Trick or Treat 2. Dougherty stated that the skeleton is in...
Friday The 13th

Jason’s Ultimate Kill Count – Friday The 13th

Jason's Ultimate Kill Count - Friday The 13th Awesome Friday the 13th Body count infographic Ever wondered how many Death's were committed with a machete in...
Top 10 Best Sequels

Top 10 Best Horror Sequels

10) Halloween H20- The return of Michael Myers and his sister Laurie Strode in 1998 was brilliantly timed and a blast to see in...