Horror comedies have historically been a mixed bag for me. Most either skew too far on the dumb comedy side and leave the horror element blowing in the wind or once the crimson starts to flow they forget to throw in the casual chuckle.The new film, Tragedy Girls concocts a perfect cocktail of grue and guffaws and also manages to make a statement on the current social media trends of today’s culture.

Our two guides on this tour of slashing and laughing are McKayla (Alexandra Shipp) and Sadie (Brianna Hildebrand) two high school seniors who have hobbies such as cheer leading, prom committee, and mass murder. Honestly with that on a resume they are bound to thrive in this cut throat economy. The shared interest in the macabre and social media fame between the two characters shines a light on the dark underbelly of instant fame that has so quickly risen as of late in the world. The beauty of the script co-written by director, Tyler MacIntyre and Chris Lee Hill is that they found the perfect balance between the horror and laughs while keeping the proceedings grounded in a world that closely echoes real life social media starlets. If you were to tell me the film was based on a true story it would not surprise me in the least.

Alexandra Shipp and Brianna Hildebrand perfectly bring McKayla and Sadie to life. With the characters being from different economical backgrounds it’s a perfect play on how psychosis and nihilism can grow on both sides of the dollar. The supporting cast includes Craig Robinson as Big Al (he steals every scene that he’s in) and Kevin Durand as Lowell (I would love to see a film focused on his character as I felt that sometimes he was off screen for far too long). On the technical side every department brought the goods and the film is gorgeously shot. The musical accompaniment perfectly plays into the proceedings and harkens back to a time when horror films featured music that wasn’t a direct ripoff of a John Carpenter score.

Tragedy Girls will easily make my Top 10 horror films of the year when the time rolls around. I highly suggest catching it at a festival near you or when it is released in theaters on 10/20/2017. If this was a social media post I’d easily throw all the hearts that I could towards the film. I’m looking forward to following Tyler MacIntyre’s career in the genre. I really think he’s going to give genre fans something to LIKE.

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