We’re finally nearing the end. As the ninth chapter of “American Story: Roanoke” opened, we were already starting to run low on the number of available victims to keep up the current pace of the rising body count. So how do we introduce some fresh meat? Bring in more from the outside world. That and more as we take a look at tonight’s episode.
We finally get to see what happened to poor Diana thanks to a couple of “My Roanoke Nightmare” fanatics who are out exploring the landmarks of the show. Enjoy your time in the woods kids, it’ll be short-lived. It’s also confirmed for us that when you die on the consecrated land, your spirit is stuck there forever. Looks like the population of the undead has increased exponentially this blood moon.

We also find out that the dirtbag Sidney had backup plans in place in case things got boring with the reality TV cast locked up in the house, as Dylan was hired to show up in a pig costume. Dylan, who pronounces he’s a former Navy SEAL and leads a charge back to the Polk’s house to rescue Monet. And of course, retrieve a videotape that might prove what most of the country thought anyway.

After a particularly satisfying confrontation with Ishmael Polk, Monet and Audrey get separated from Lee and find out the secret that the latter was trying to hide from the world. Barricaded in a bedroom, they prepare for the inevitable.


It was great to see Taissa Farmiga return, albeit shortly. We all know someone, or perhaps even ourselves, that would love to go to real life horror sites or abandoned film locations. But this proves to be most deadly for the kids, despite their heroic efforts in saving the lives of those that they idolize.

We also saw an interesting mechanic that I don’t think had been used in this story as Thomasyn possessed Lee, using her to finish the work that had started two nights before. As the original cast winds down to just a couple, we’re treated to a content warning before we see the fate of the explorers in real time, from their point of view. Despite everything we’ve seen this season, this still seemed grim and disturbing.

With the sacrifices made at the end of the blood moon, the sunlight is incredibly jarring as the police race to the scene because the explorers were live streaming their last moments. We get one last go ‘round as police body cams survey the scenes of the victims.


We were promised at the beginning of “Three Days of Hell” that only one person would make it out alive, but we couldn’t have guessed how the last of them would fall. As the remaining survivor is carted off the land, we’re left wondering what remains of the story, as we have one more hour to get through in this remarkably bloody season.

And with that last hour, have no fear folks! We’re being treated to Sarah Paulson one more time as she reprises her role of Lana Winters from Season 2’s Asylum storyline. Having left her as a world renowned and award winning journalist, it’s no surprise that Winters would be the one to do a television special with the remaining survivor of “My Roanoke Nightmare.”


It seems like we’re heading the route of Season 2 in the sense that we’ll be wrapping everything up post-events of the main storyline. We’ll more than likely get to see the results of the trial of Lee, and the effects the television show has had on her and the world.

As we wrap up the main story of the season, we have to take a moment and reflect on a very different take on “American Horror Story.” The reaction of having a reality TV element has been mixed. But you have to commend the creators for trying something new. This season has balanced on a wire between supernatural and full-on slasher genres and has been more straightforward horror than seasons past. One can’t help but wonder what else we have in store for us in the next season of “American Horror Story.


Lana Winters returns to “American Horror Story: Roanoke” next Wednesday at 10PM.

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