It’s that time again! Time for Horror Block’s February 2016 unboxing!

Last month we were informed this month’s box would contain zombie themed items. So let’s dive in!

Photo Mar 09, 2 23 05 PM

At first glance we can see alot of zombie, it seems this months box took the theme quite literal.

Photo Mar 09, 5 56 02 PM

The first item is a zombie bottle opener, this item is a horror block exclusive and is fairly heavy and is made from from pretty hefty metal.

Photo Mar 09, 5 56 43 PM

Keep your wine safe with a zombie finger wine stopper, your guest will shriek at the sight of this one.

Photo Mar 09, 5 57 21 PM

So I feel rather confused at what this is exactly, according to the box, you place your egg in the zombie cup and whack it with the shovel spoon and use your toast cutter to create weapons to eat it with?

Photo Mar 09, 6 00 09 PM

Now this I will say it the best item in the box. Period. This exclusive set of cards is a horror block exclusive and features many of horrors greatest killers & monsters!

Photo Mar 09, 5 57 54 PM

And this month’s shirt is… I’m assuming a Daryl Dixon inspired shirt, as we were also promised a Daryl Dixon item, based on the arrow through the head.

Photo Mar 09, 5 58 19 PM

And as always, this month’s issue of Rue Morgue magazine.

While I personally found this month really disappointing, not being a zombie fan (or an egg eater), the item that was the real high light of this box was the Horror Block Exclusive Cards, for promising a zombie item they laid it quite thick with random zombie items rather than anything movie specific such as items from George Romero’s Day of the Dead or other classic zombie films.  However, next month looks to be better with a promised item from the movie The Ring, which in this case may even be a Funko Pop as it’s a been months since our last Funko Pop.

Photo Mar 09, 6 00 58 PM

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