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Horror Music Review ‘Darken Your Doorstep’ By Argyle Goolsby

From Blitzkid to the Roving Midnight, Argyle Goolsby has shown time and time again that he is a master of the horror punk/rock genre. I have always appreciated his passion and ability to keep his persona and sound unique in a genre that isn’t always known for its originality. Argyle’s knack for weaving a chilling ghostly tale into a beautifully catchy song is something special. ‘Darken Your Doorstep’ is an album that simply puts good song writing ahead of everything else.

“Darken Your Doorstep” is the first full length album from Argyle Goolsby and the Roving Midnight and upon first listen I was stunned. This is one of those albums that is just great from start to finish. Each sequential listen provided me with a new favorite song that I was hooked on. The album actually took me a long time to get all the way through due to restarting multiple tracks several times. Songs such as “Blood Cave”, “Life Without Soul”, and “Mister Babadook” provide such insanely catchy hooks that I find myself putting these on repeat more often than not.

Darken Your Doorstep

When I finally made it all the way through the album I was completely captivated. It encompassed everything that I love about the horror punk genre. The album jumps from being fast and ferocious to so chilling that it actually gave me goosebumps

I highly suggest reading along with the lyrics to “Darken Your Doorstep” if at all possible. I especially enjoyed reading along with the lyrics of “The Brides”. On the surface it is a thrashy horror rock song with fun gang vocals and Goolsby’s signature crooning. After carefully reading the Bram Stoker inspired lyrics, I was hit with a sense of dread and horror that gave the song even more depth and meaning.

Darken Your Doorstep

If I had to choose a favorite song off of the album I would have to go with “In Votive Light”. This song combined with the visuals from the video (Link below) sum up why I am such a fan of Argyle Goolsby’s work. The live show, the imagery and his haunting songs feel like an old ghost story come to life.

At the time of writing this article “Darken Your Doorstep” is my album of the year. It is a well-crafted and well thought out album that just works all around. The album is out now on all digital outlets and physical copies are available from his webstore (Link below).

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Darken Your Doorstep

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