For those not familiar with Horror Block, it is a monthly subscription box from those who brought you Nerd Block, Arcade Block, Nerd Block Jr just to name a few, which includes several horror related items mailed directly to you each month. Now I have yet to have a box be a bust, after unsubscribing to several monthly boxes after receiving nothing but what I would consider junk, I fell upon Horror Block and never looked back.  This month we were guaranteed an autographed item & a twilight zone item, lets take a look inside and see what we find!

Photo Dec 03, 10 35 29 AM

Photo Dec 03, 10 35 49 AM

The first item in our box is from Sharknado, a David Hasselhoff figure.

Photo Dec 03, 10 39 27 AM

Next, we have our guaranteed item, The Twilight Zone dashboard accessory.

Photo Dec 03, 10 39 18 AM

Another addition to the box, A microfiber bloody towel, it is about the size of a hand towel.

Photo Dec 03, 10 37 17 AM

And now for our very special autograph item, autographed by the “teddy bear zombie” from walking dead, this print includes a COA. This was a cool addition as the actress is known for having higher signing fees at convention, this is the second autographed item that has been included in horror block after their incredible last autograph item (print signed by the Shining Twins).

Photo Dec 03, 10 38 59 AM

Now for everyone’s favorite part of the box, the t-shirt. This shirt was far from a disappointment this round, this classic print is perfect for any horror fan!

Photo Dec 03, 10 37 48 AM

And last but not least, this month’s Rue Morgue magazine included every month!

Photo Dec 03, 10 38 07 AM

Overall, this month was not a disappointment, many fans would love this box, and next month looks to be even better as they have guaranteed a Nightmare on Elm Street item, and based off past boxes it can be anything, from a plush to a POP figure or reaction figure and a Walking Dead item.

Love what you saw? Get Horror Block for yourself for only $19.99 a month now!

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