From Director Philippe Mora comes the follow-up The Howling starring the late, great Christopher Lee, Sybil Danning and Reb Brown.


Plot Summary: Following the events of the first film, the brother of newscaster Karen White is approached by a mysterious man who tells him his now deceased sister is in fact a werewolf. After seeing first had his sister’s fate Ben joins the werewolf hunter and sets off to transylvania to slay the immortal queen of the werewolves before she can regain her full power.     


The Howling 2 is a fun, campy peace of 80s nostalgia and I very much enjoyed reliving it on this Blu-Ray! The first Howling film was a hard act to follow but bringing in the likes of horror icon Christopher Lee and the king of the shoot and scream Reb Brown is probably the best way they could done it. This movie’s memorable cast of characters and atmosphere make it a must see for any horror fan.


This Blu-ray as some great special features including interviews with stars Reb Brown and Cybil Danning, audio commentary tracks with the filmmakers, an alternate opening, an alternate ending and more! Of course with Scream Factory you get a great HD transfer! 


You can pick up your copy here:

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