Horror games really seem to be the best part of the Playstation VR experience so far. It seems like the immersive gameplay in a spooky environment formula is almost impossible to mess up, almost… “Weeping Doll” is an odd, puzzle solving; horror game that takes place in a very dysfunctional family’s home. The game features simple to mildly complex puzzles that you must solve to progress through the house and the narrative. The house is kind of creepy, and the story is somewhat intriguing but there is never any sort of pay off. The game keeps tricking you into thinking something cool is going to happen, but it never does. Nothing even remotely scary ever happens and when things start escalating the credits roll.


If “Weeping Doll” is supposed to be a horror game, than it fails on almost every level. Honestly if this title was intended to just be a puzzle game it is still a failure. The use of horror imagery and the simplistic puzzle design leads me to believe the developers didn’t really know what kind of game they were making.
The “shadow step” system used for navigation works fine once you figure it out, but it always feels kind of clunky and weird. This apparently does reduce the amount of motion sickness in the game so it doesn’t bother me too bad. The inventory system was new and interesting and I would like to see something similar in future VR games.


Aside from that there isn’t much I can say that I really liked about this game. The price tag of $9.99 along with its 30 minutes of boring gameplay makes “Weeping Doll” the only VR horror game I wish I had passed on. I suggest saving your money and picking up “Rush of Blood” or even “Here They Lie” if you can handle the nausea.





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