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While Adult Swim has long been a home to the darkest of dark comedy, there’s few comedy series that cater to the hearts of horror fans like YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL. From bloody and bizarre practical FX to the various monsters and demons that show face on the hilarious live action horror show, YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL is on its final stretch of its third season, going stronger and more jaw-dropping than ever. Terror Time caught up with YOUR PRETTY FACE’s de facto leading man, Henry Zebrowski (of LAST PODCAST ON THE LEFT fame), to talk about what to expect from the twisted trio of remaining episodes…

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TERROR TIME: Last year, YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL delivered some crude, bloody insanity in the first half of its terrific first season. However, one much-hyped storyline has yet to debut, with an impending plot that will introduce Hitler as a character in a multi-episode arc. Is it safe to say that we’ll see this story unfold in the latter half of the season?

HENRY ZEBROWSKI: Yes sir! I had just finished filming those episodes when we last spoke, so that was on my mind. But there’s gonna be a big reveal coming up, courtesy of our incredible, new CGI department.

TT: Speaking of, as someone who has been involved with the show since the very beginning, what was your reaction to the script for the mid-season premiere of YOUR PRETTY FACE? Of course, the show took an incredibly meta turn for the first time, and it feels like a watershed moment for the series in terms of its relationship to the audience.

HZ: I loved it. I love the fact that we’re at a point where we can start breaking rules, so as soon as they first started planning that moment, I was like, “Hell yeah!” Personally speaking, I always want the show to be in a place where it’s vaguely confusing. I want the show to keep people on their toes so that they don’t know what to expect, and I love that we have gone from our original concept of an “office comedy” to a show that’s exploring these characters and playing with reality.

We have always joked about showbusiness on YOUR PRETTY FACE, and we thought it was so funny to joke about the reality of having to wear that make-up, especially Eddie Pepitone’s real feelings about wearing that make-up. He does not want to wear that make-up. He wore it for maybe six hours, and he was beside himself. He was like, “This is horrible! You guys must be really desperate for a job!” He was very insulting to me about how I’ll do anything to stay employed. “You’re a whore for them, aren’t you?” To which I told him, “Yes. Yes I am.”

TT: So how many episodes are left in the third season of YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL?

HZ: We have about three more coming out, and Craig Rowin is back as Craig for good with these episodes. We just had an episode where I found love, or more accurately, I had sex, which I thought was great. We have an episode called “Gary has a Beaver Body” coming down the pipe, which I really liked. It’s one of my favorite things on the face of the planet, and I do a lot of beaver acting in it.

TT: What was your personal highlight of shooting the back half of this season?

HZ: Having Dustin Diamond on set was very memorable. He was a good dude; he was a cool guy and he was very professional. He was super funny, and he just hung out with me. At one point, my older sister [Jackie Zebrowski, host of the PAGE SEVEN podcast] and her fiancee came to visit set, and he stayed around the whole day and hung out with them. Believe it or not, he’s really into horror attractions, like the kind Shane Morton has. Shane is the head of the SFX make-up department for YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL and his studio is essentially a horror museum, and he uses it for horror shows and traveling horror attractions.

TT: This season has had some great guest stars, including Jon Glaser and Damian Young. Is there anyone else we should look forward to in these last few episodes?

HZ: We originally had Kevin McDonald from KIDS IN THE HALL, but we showed him what he was going to wear and it terrified him. But we have Richard Fancy from SEINFELD, who shows up this season. He’s been a character actor for years, and he was incredible. He’s so much better than me and Craig. I have to give credit to our local Atlanta actors, though. A lot of their roles have been beefed up, and they’re great this season. Ben Bladon was hilarious, too; he does a lot of monster body work on THE WALKING DEAD. He got his first speaking role on YOUR PRETTY FACE, and he killed it.

TT: The show has definitely become more of an ensemble show this season, with Dana Snyder as a great addition to the cast and expanded spotlights on Matt Servitto’s Satan and some of the other demons on the show. How has that changed your dynamic as a performer?

HZ: It’s been great. The whole show is a team effort, and as nice as it is to be number one on the call sheet, the show is like being on a great basketball team, where it works better if everyone gets the rock. The show has really been a blast to work on since we all just joke around all the time.

TT: You’ve also been working with Adult Swim on LAST STREAM ON THE LEFT, the video extension of your podcast, LAST PODCAST ON THE LEFT. How has that experience been for you? Has there been any talk in bumping that up to the TV space?

HZ: That depends on what Adult Swim wants! Right now, I’m just living my dream. Growing up, Adult Swim had such a big impact on my sense of humor when I watched things like AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE and SEALAB 2021. When you first watched those shows, you were like, “I’m the only person who knows what this is,” but as you grow up, you realize there was a whole generation watching these shows. So many people who were in college and high school watched Adult Swim, and it blew our minds, so it really is a dream to work with this company that I love.

As for LAST STREAM, the Adult Swim site is such a great home for the show. LAST PODCAST ON THE LEFT now gets over a million downloads per week, and the show is really getting out there. In some ways, LAST STREAM is an even more personal version of that, in that we encourage our audience to talk to us. People will just call in and rip from their bong on the air, and it’s just insane. We love hearing from our audience, and hopefully, we’ll continue to do that.

TT: LAST PODCAST has really grown over the past year, which is so fantastic considering just how shocking the show can be. Are there any guidelines to LAST STREAM as opposed to LAST PODCAST?

HZ: No. Adult Swim is actually pretty great with LAST STREAM. They want us to show as many videos as we can, but they like chaos. In fact, I might say that LAST STREAM ON THE LEFT is too free. We probably could use someone who could tap us on the shoulder and reign us in, but as of now, I fucking love it. They don’t give a shit. We get to joke about whatever the fuck we want, and there’s no real masters.

We’re just happy that we don’t have to be told what to do. We’re not slaves to accountants or bottom lines or whatever, and Marcus [Parks] and [Ben] Kissell are not professional comedians, so we don’t have anything to lose.

TT: You also have a web series called TROLLVILLE on the way as well. What is the status on that project?

HZ: That project is coming along well. We had some problems with the digital release with IFC, but it’s very much alive and we’re looking for a home for it, currently. It’s very personal and very dark. The idea was to do a truly honest depiction of internet trolls and how they live. I wanted to talk about the internet in a real way, and it’s not like anything they’ve depicted on television before. It’s an honest depiction of internet culture as it is right now, and it’s not MR. ROBOT. It shows that it can be pathetic and strange to go to the internet and live a second life, and trolls are the perfect example of that. They’re sad, lonely, broken souls, and they infuse that into their identity since they have no control over their real life. TROLLVILLE shows what happens when that behavior bleeds into their real life. The best you can do for a lot of these guys is just hope that they change.


HZ: We just did Aileen Wuornos and she’s a fucking animal. It’s important that we keep challenging ourselves and keep it interesting. We’ve got the Oklahoma City Bombing episode in the works, and I want to do a whole series on the UK pedophile ring that took place among members of Parliament, but that’s so big and shocking that we’re waiting until Christmas to do it. We’ve done the Dean Corll and Children of God episodes during the last two Christmas seasons, and I think it’s appropriate to do the darkest and most depressing stories during what I consider to be the worst holiday of the year.

YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL airs on Sunday at 11:30 p.m. EST on Adult Swim.


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