The Tick

The Tick At Amazon Gets Season 2 Pick Up

The big blue guy will continue to save the lives on Amazon Prime!

The tech giant Amazon liked what they saw in Season 1 of The Tick because they want more! Amazon has picked up the series for Season 2. The remaining episodes of Season one will become available on Feb 23rd for your Tick consumption.

The cast will return for season 2 with some new additional characters along with creator Ben Edlund.

“I am so excited that Amazon wants to continue this wildly fruitful collaboration and that this amazing cast gets to stay together, and that we get to build this mythos further, wider, deeper, and taller,” said Edlund. “We got a good ball of mud spinning with the right tilt of axis, I’m very happy we have this opportunity to keep peopling it.”

With Arthur in danger, his partner in crime-fighting, The Tick, will have to team up with Arthur’s allies to protect him. New episodes in 2018.

Ready for the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000?

source: Deadline

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