Since the conclusion of AHS : Hotel the internet has been buzzing about what theme the popular horror series will be tackling next.  Early rumors spread quickly about the possibility of a summer camp theme or possibly even the internet created Slenderman, but so far these early rumors have not led to any confirmation from the show.

On June 27th on the American Horror Story facebook page we were given our first hint with the following image:

AHS header


This has once again led to many fan theories on what is to come from the season, mostly leading to a story revolving around a cult or some other kind of Satanic entity.  This theory would also fit the fact that this is the 6th season of the installment.  The shows Director and Cast are as usual being very quiet on the subject which has only helped build the anticipation.

Today Entertainment Weekly  broke the news that the shows premiere date  will be Wednesday September 14th at 10pm.  With still no announcements on what the theme will be thus far,  a premiere date of only two months away tells me it won’t be long until the much anticipated announcement is made, so stay tuned!




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