We’re approximately 20 hours away from the premiere of Season 6 of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck’s hit horror anthology series “American Horror Story” and we still have absolutely no idea what this season will be about. The suspense is killing me.

Typically, the “theme” of each season has been revealed in the months leading up to the premiere, however, Murphy and Falchuk have gleefully kept fans in the dark this year, poking and prodding the collective brain of various rumor mills with their expertly produced teaser trailers and promo videos.

According to Murphy and Co., ONE of the teasers hold the secret of this season. Which one, however, is yet to be determined.

While Lady Gaga’s return to the world of “American Horror Story” has been known from the beginning, the extent of her involvement has been relatively uncertain. Most (including myself) thought we’d see her in a few episodes here and there but not in the capacity we saw her last season in her utterly fierce performance as “AHS: Hotel’s” savage Countess.

That said, a new teaser released this weekend may be giving a nod to Gaga’s more “extensive” involvement in the grand mystery that is “American Horror Story: Season 6.”

Correlating with the release of Gaga’s newest single, “Perfect Illusion”, the latest trailer is comprised of the myriad of stellar promos we’ve seen thus far, backed by Gaga’s new song. While it’s possible that this is just another piece of brilliant marketing, with the various loops fans of AHS have been thrown through this season, it wouldn’t be surprising if it pointed to something more. Perhaps Lady Gaga will return to the screen as a major player? Only time will tell.

All will be revealed this Wednesday, September 14th on FX during the premiere. As always, we’ll keep you posted on all the “American Horror Story” news as it develops.

Check out the new teaser below and feel free to comment. What do YOU think Season 6 has in store?

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