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CB here with a drive by that many will want to pull up in front of and stay! American Horror Story 6, everyone is excited about the upcoming season. There is a plethora of rumors surrounding this most secretive of premiers. So far, everything I have managed to scrounge up is subject to conjecture. Phenomenal director Jennifer Lynch is said to be on board for at least one episode. Lynch, who has directed episodes on The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, Damien and Wayward Pines; would be an indescribable asset to AHS. Lynch has been teasing AHS fans on Instagram with pictures leaning towards that rumored episode! At the same time, series veteran Angela Bassett revealed during an appearance on The Chew that she may be the first female director AHS will see. Either female would be epic to direct this brilliant television experience, seeing as how there have only been male directors for five seasons; so we will have to wait and see.

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Creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have been tight lipped about season 6 of this cultural phenomenon. Fans have been appeased with the season premier coming sooner than expected, but they have been teased with what the theme will be. You can use the Google machine all you want, but this information is apparently more classified than if the CIA and FBI were producing it. Although it has been reported that shooting began in early June of this year,

Murphy has eluded that they are working on two themes and seeing what plays out. There have been many insinuations that the next installment will feature a heavier accentuation on children. The fans are left with questions nonetheless. If children are to be a major player in this season, what would the basis of that theme be? Yes, CB is a little “cult” heavy…but that is my envision if in fact children are a key role in this installment of the series. Yes, Stephen King did the whole kid thing a long, long time ago, but imagine a cult twist to AHS! I digress, regardless of theme, content or direction; this series has a a following and it will no doubt top the ratings when it graces our screens once again. To pop the bubble of mystery in a sense as to the cast, I am here to let you all know that there will be quite a few familiar faces returning to our beloved AHS. So far the returning cast includes:

Evan Peters – has appeared in every season of AHS

Denis O’Hare – has appeared in every season with the exception of season 2

Matt Bomer – has appeared in seasons 4 & 5

Angela Bassett – has appeared in every season since 3

Leslie Jordan – appeared in season 3 briefly

Cheyenne Jackson – appeared in season 5

Lady Gaga – appeared in season 5; which donned her a Golden Globe for her efforts and brilliant acting.

Murphy is nothing short of genius for creating this series firstly, but dangling bits and pieces for the fans to chew on without any definitive makes it more appealing every year. I, for one, cannot wait for the opening scene in September!

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