If you missed the news earlier this year, Apple TV+ has launched the first batch of episodes from their recent revival of Amazing Stories — the classic sci-fi, horror & fantasy anthology series originally produced by Steven Spielberg. The original show aired on NBC for two seasons in the mid-1980s, won five Emmy awards, and featured practically every well-known actor of the era. It also sported a slew of top-notch directors — including Spielberg himself, Martin Scorsese, Joe Dante, Tobe Hooper, Robert Zemeckis, Mick Garris, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Danny DeVito, and Bob Clark.

Also on that list is our very own Tom Holland, whose Season 2 episode “Miscalculation” was penned by Beetlejuice screenwriter Michael McDowell, and stars Two and a Half Men‘s Jon Cryer (who most recently portrayed Lex Luthor on Supergirl). McDowell’s writing in the genre is frequently infused with dark humor — and as you know from classics like Fright Night, Tom is expert at bringing horror and comedy together.

Image: Universal Television/Amblin Entertainment

Cryer plays Phil, a socially-inept college dweeb who just can’t seem to win the romantic attention of his female classmates, no matter what he tries. That is, until a chemistry lab accident results in a miraculous potion capable of manifesting photographs in real life.

As you can probably predict, Phil almost immediately tests the formula on the image of a beautiful magazine model — but the results aren’t quite what he expected, and each new experiment leads to increasingly nightmarish outcomes.

While you’re hunkered down in self-imposed quarantine, now’s the perfect time to marathon the original two seasons of Amazing Stories, which Apple TV+ added to their library this year. If you remember them fondly from childhood, you can bask in the glow of much-welcome nostalgia; if you’re new to the series, now’s your chance to catch up before jumping into the modern version (which launched earlier this month).

Check out Amazing Stories and “Miscalculation” (Season 2, episode 2) on iTunes now, then head over to Apple TV+ to see the revival series!

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