On ‘The Walking Dead‘ it is evident that Daryl Dixon is in a sticky situation to say the least. Wearing the letter ‘A’ like a whore even though he has not had sex in 7 years. Dog food for breakfast, lunch and dinner…that can’t be the best thing on the menu. But Daryl takes it in for a bit; what else is he going to do. Regardless of all of these hardships, our feisty hillbilly is NOT broken. Is he Negan? NO. He is Daryl.

Negan and his crew of Vikings made their appearance at Alexandria, which is no good. Negan brought Daryl along for the trip and the internet is all a buzz about his fluttering eyes! All of the other websites want to speculate on the “blinking” of Daryl. Oh, maybe he was light deprived so his eyes are adjusting to the sun! PLEASE!!! Did you all watch the episode? Did you not see the American Morse Code poster in the house that Rick and Michonne occupy with Carl and Judith?


Daryl was not trying to adjust his eyes…he was most definitely sending Rick a message as to where he is being held. Rick is sly, but present in his slight nod of the head to let Daryl know that he understands. Daryl let him know that the Sanctuary is East of Alexandria.

Even with Negan telling Rick that communication with Daryl is off limits; no eye contact…do not look at him; yes something is in the works. No matter what Daryl has to endure, he is Rick’s brother; and those back at camp are his family. He will do what is necessary to ensure they are safe. He will eat dog food, he will listen to awful music, he will do anything and everything it takes to get home. Daryl is NOT going to give his complete self to the Saviors. Rick is NOT going to bow down to Negan forever. This is how it has to be for now. For now.


Granted, the audience will not see this until 2017 more than likely, but shit’s gonna hit the fan! We can all hope to look forward to a happy reunion between the Hilltop, the Kingdom and Alexandria in a combined effort to defeat the Saviors…hopefully. The season just started so buckle up kids…the ride started bumpy…hopefully the shocks are in order now!

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