Clive Barker is well-known for his horror creations, most famously HELLRAISER, but also CANDYMAN, NIGHTBREED, and other stories based on his “Books of Blood” series of novels. But he’s also created countless worlds based on magic and fantasy, including IMAJICA and ABARAT, and while several of them have been rumored at one time or another to be developed into film or TV series, one of them is one step closer to fruition.


Deadline is reporting that Josh Stolberg has signed on to write the adaptation of “Weaveworld” for The CW. He will also serve as executive producer for CBS TV Studios, alongside Barker and Angela Mancuso. “Weaveworld” has already had one shot with a pilot written by Jack Kenney, and while that was never picked up, CW execs remained committed to bringing the dark fantasy to the small screen. With its seminal series “The Vampire Diaries” set to air its final season, a slot will open up for another great classic.

Weaveworld” introduces a magical race who have woven themselves and their realm into a carpet to escape the persecution from humans. It follows the forces of evil who seek to find and destroy this world, and those who rise to defend it, including two seemingly normal people who find themselves connected to a struggle that goes back to the beginning of our time.

Weaveworld illustration - (via Google Images)
Weaveworld illustration – (via Google Images)

Studios have been looking to adapt the 1987 novel for some time, but due to the characters and settings, it was determined that the CGI and costs associated would be impossible for a TV budget. This is why it’s found the perfect home with The CW, who has already proven with its genre-based programming that it can tackle complicated effects projects, such as “Legends of Tomorrow,” “The Flash,” and now “Supergirl.” It’s already home to dark fantasy and sci-fi-based shows such as “Supernatural,” “The 100,” and “The Vampire Diaries” and its spin-offs. “Weaveworld” would immediately feel like part of the family at The CW.

Josh Stolberg is no stranger to genre film and television as well, having written for episodes of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show,” “Sabrina, the Animated Series,” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” His film writing credits include SORORITY ROW, PIRANHA 3D AND 3DD, CRAWLSPACE and the upcoming SAW: LEGACY. His broad experience makes him a great choice in creating a world that’s infinitely magical, yet dark and tragic, balanced with a sense of levity that will make you fall in love with the characters and what they’re fighting for.

Josh Stolberg - (via Google Images)
Josh Stolberg – (via Google Images)

It seems like the pieces are finally falling into place to bring one of Clive Barker’s most interesting universes to our televisions. Clive Barker is such a visual storyteller whose printed pages are augmented with paintings and drawings that create tapestries of exotic and scary images. Josh Stolberg’s broad spectrum of writing will translate that to the screen, and when you add in The CW’s continued commitment to the project we’re likely to be in for quite a treat when “Weaveworld” begins its run.
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SOURCE: Deadline




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