CHANNEL ZERO is the first part to a creepypasta influenced anthology on Syfy network.

Creepypastas are spooky and usually bizarre stories that float around the internet. Like digital urban legends, these stories get passed around the web to creep people out all over the world. The influence of these stories has been seen in various TV shows and movies, but Syfy has pulled the trigger on an entire series based off these twisted tales.

These stories range from disturbing to complete nonsense, but luckily Syfy has picked a solid story to base the first installment on. CHANNEL ZERO will draw inspiration from the story of Candle Cove. Said story tells the tale of a kids tv show that has stuck in the memory of multiple children, although there is absolutely no record that the show ever actually existed.The accounts of Candle Cove are disturbing and they will undoubtedly expand on it to add even more in the show.

Who knows what other stories we will see on Syfy. Personally I am hoping we can finally figure out “WHO WAS PHONE?”

Channel Zero is set to air in Fall 2016 and each six-episode season will be a different story. Watch the trailer below. It looks creepytastic!

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