‘The Walking Dead’s’ Negan loves a good tune and Carl see’s just how crazy he is.

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was full of insight and truly gave us a glimpse of Negan and his compound. We were also treated to amazing life lessons like Jesus teaching everyone how to safely leap out of the back of a truck. With such gems as Daryl mopping up the urine of a passed out Savior and Carl showing why he clearly didn’t have a record contract before the zombie apocalypse with his rendition of ‘You Are My Sunshine’ it’s hard to fathom how they fit all of these moments into one episode.



Here’s some highlights from last night’s episode that really caught my eye.

  • Let’s start with Carl’s eye. As Negan said that socket ensures no one will mess with him.
  • Negan has quite the bridal pool considering the massive loss of life during the zombie apocalypse.
  • Negan is trying his damnedest to prove George Carlin wrong by working thru the seven words you can’t say on TV.
  • Father Gabriel has actually grown a spine this season. Hopefully a zombie doesn’t separate his head from it this season.
  •  Rick clearly hasn’t learned his lesson from painted signs warning of danger.
  • Eugene is still a whiny bitch.
  • Carl goes against the advice he gave his dad of just shooting Negan. Carl had a gun and could have easily just shot Negan and gotten it all over with. Guess that would put a damper on Season 8.
  • Negan has one helluva interior designer. I want an episode that focuses on the decorating of that bedroom and all that went into it.
  • A baseball bat doesn’t have a pussy. I must’ve missed sex ed that day.
  •  If the world ever recovers and assumes normalcy again Daryl is going to have job training as both a janitor and in food service. In this economy he should be thankful.
  • For all his dastardly deeds Negan is a natural with kids. He spent more time with Carl in one episode than Rick has in two seasons and he took care of Judith. Who the hell was in charge of watching her this episode before Negan got her out of the crib?

Let’s hope the mid season finale gives us an equal dose of enjoyment. I’m sure it’ll end with the death of a secondary character that only has a few thousand Twitter followers but after their demise will be eulogized all across social media. Here’s the trailer for next weeks episode.



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