Mick Garris and Tony Todd back together for the first time since 2006, Masters of Horror. DEAD OF SUMMEREpisode 3: Mix Tape.” Recaps, Garris tells us his thoughts and some behind-the-scenes fun facts and NO SPOILERS!



With each episode, it is easy to have a sincere growing fondness for this series. With pinpoint eighties era accuracy, Dead of Summer is lifting the burden of “over-thinking horror” and putting the “fun” back in fiction. Tapping into the heart of the period where many of our foundational horror films introduced themselves, they added the audible ambiance factor too! Move over SCREAM QUEENS because DEAD OF SUMMER has raised the ante in episode soundtracks. But “Episode 3: Mixed Tape” has an added surprise any horror fan can appreciate. Episode 3 coupled two horror greats. Mick Garris and Tony Tony work together again since their last project, (2006) MASTERS OF HORROR “Valerie on the Stairs.”

Photo: Mick Garris
Photo: Mick Garris

Mick let me know the producers described (D.O.S.) as a “John Hughes meets Stephen King.” Mick went on the say.”Set at a summer camp in 1989, but don’t think FRIDAY THE 13TH. It is very character based, and each of them has a back story. And believe me, the supernatural does come into play here. One of the many high points was working with Tony Todd again for the first time since MASTERS OF HORROR, in the same city, Vancouver. Scary stuff that sneaks up on you quietly.”


Quick recap! The first episode: “Patience”, introduced us to this diverse group of counselors and seduced us with teasing glimpses to each person having a very dark secret; focus being on the “newbie” Amy. At the same time learning that the camp has an intensely malevolent supernatural presence, and these clouded puberty counselors are going to be pawns in a supernatural power struggle.


Episode Two:”Barney Rubble Eyes”, welcomed the campers and pulled the curtain back on the resident, well-manicured counselor, Alex Powell, and his sketchy past. Blotter gets an acid hit in his bottle resulting in a bad tripping experience resulting in him being forced to leave. The Tall Man haunts a young camper, and the trunk of a Firebird holds bones needed for a very evil need. The episode ended with Blotter seeing ‘The Tall Man’ (Tony Todd).

Episode Three:” Mix Tape”, is written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz and directed by Mick Garris. We get the character focus on sexually frustrated counselor, Cricket. Watching her metamorphosis, Blotters impact on her, and a small group of masked cloaked figures thickens the plot as they stalk key players hoping to find “the one” who helps them resurrect the possible catalyst in this labyrinth of mystery.

Executive Producer, Adam Horowitz, says “we are only, really, just getting the tip of the iceberg behind what they are up to.”(When asked the about the “how’s” and “reasoning” behind the intent of this new cloaked group to the storyline)

Executive Producer, Ian B. Goldberg, lets us know that the spiritualist group lead by The Tall Man” was based on an actual group from the middle of the 19th-century. Their main goal was communing with spirits of the dead.” Goldberg also adds we need to pay close attention to the map, as well as the face on it and the glimmer of that face is seen at the end of episode three because” it plays a part in what the ritual will ultimately result in.” Take a closer look at map here: MAP !!

The adolescent supernatural soap opera and its horror infusion keep giving us new twists and turns. Will we get to see the horror presence of Mick Garris again? YES!! Mick told me we get to see his contributions in episode eight( the title is TBA) which is currently filming.

Whos pubescent past will collide with the evil targeting the grounds of Camp Stillwater next? Keep watching Tuesday, 9p est / 8 pm on FreeForm.

Check your local listings or keep up with DEAD OF SUMMER at Episode Four:” Modern Love” official teaser trailer here: Episode 4 trailer

Airing July 19, 2016

Principle Cast * Elizabeth Mitchell as Deb Carpenter * Elizabeth Lail as Amy Hughes

* Amber Coney as Carolina “Cricket” Diaz

* Alberto Frezza as Deputy Garrett “Townie” Sykes * Eli Goree as Joel Goodson * Mark Indelicato as Blair Ramos

* Ronen Rubinstein as Alex Powell (born: Alexi Fayvinov)

* Paulina Singer as Jessie “Braces” Tyler * Zelda Williams as Drew Reeves

Guest * Zachary Gordon as Jason “Blotter” * Charles Mesure as Sheriff Heelan * Tony Todd as Tall Man





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