Charles Band’s (Puppet Master, Gingerdeadman) and Chris Alexander’s (Shock Till You Drop) infamous horror mag, Delirium, is set to knock genre fans back into The Twilight Zone’ for its 13th issue.

The issue, which celebrates the CBS veteran series, is to also celebrate its [The Twilight Zone’s] writer/innovator Rod Serling.

Serling’s daughter, author Anne Serling, joins us for this special limited edition issue and inside you’ll find exclusive essays, interviews all centered around the “House that Rod Built.” says an official press release sent to us.

Fans of Serling may remember him not only for his writing of The Twilight Zone‘ but also for his writing of Planet of The Apes (1968)’, Requiem for a Heavyweight and Seven Days in May. He’s also known as narrator for the 1970’s films The Legendary Curse of the Hope Diamond and Encounter with the Unknown as well as the actor in the crime series Ironside.

Also within the issue, readers can expect to read a brand new interview with martial arts superstar Cynthia Rothrock, Rolf Kanefsy talk THE BLACK ROOM and director Richard Rush and actress Lesley-Anne Warren reminisce about their notorious sex thriller COLOR OF NIGHT and more!

According to the press release, fans can “celebrate the release of DELIRIUM #13 at Dark Delicacies THIS WEEKEND in Burbank! Meet our staff and some LEGENDS of horror!” with of course their copy of Delirium, which is available now, or just stay at home with their copy.

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