The Path

Drive By with CB…The Path Could Be a Terrifying Road to Travel…

By Candice Berryman

The Path


Break-19, CB again, here to review a show that has had praise as well as denouncing to date; The Path created by Jessica Goldberg. To start, I am fully aware that I ended my last column with the statement, “make like Jones and get on board”. This week I am reviewing a show that focuses on a cult.

Disclaimer: I never drank the kool-aid and never will…this is purely coincidence kids! Not on a cult kick personally in any way shape or form. Back to the topic on hand, I wanted to watch this show mainly for the reason that I am a HUGE Breaking Bad fan and I will give anything Aaron Paul does a chance. I watched, waited and was semi-rewarded having said that. The premise of the series circles around a leader who is somewhere in Peru, while his group based on what he calls Meyerism, is home in the US. He is in Peru waiting on the “truth” to give him a message, which will lead all of the followers to “the ladder”. This magical ladder is what the followers are drawn to within this “movement”. They are being promised a better life, something amazing…who would not want that? The only reason I would consider this series remotely on the realm of horror is because what is scarier than a group of people claiming to be for the greater good, when really they are teaching their flock that old premise, “my way or the highway”. No spoilers here, so you will have to watch to find out. I would place this series more in a thriller/mystery category rather than straight horror for sure. As always my horror loving fiends, there are some brutal scenes, so worry not!


The choice in casting was particularly brilliant with Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan, Emma Greenwell and Hugh Dancy. The quality of acting in this series is stellar. The shooting of this series is beautiful and well thought out as far as location and scene. This show is lacking a bit on story and substance in my opinion. I want to love this show, I really do. I look at this show right now as passing me a note in junior high asking me to check yes or no in response to “do you like me?” At this point, as much as I love Aaron Paul, I have to say that I would write in ‘undecided’.

Hulu has confirmed a second season, so I may be in the minority on this one. I really do not want to start a lame rating system with my reviews, so I will leave it up to you the viewer to make your own judgement. See you all next Monday, CB-over and out!


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