Fans of the 1999-2009 Cartoon Network animated series Ed Edd & Eddy’ will be disappointed to read their fav series will in fact NEVER come back.

This news comes after a fan under a parody account, managed to catch the ear of series vet Erin Fitzgerald, who voiced “May Kanker” for majority of the series. The fan asked whether or not the actress would return [for a Ed Edd & Eddy comeback], this in-turn led Fitzgerald to divulge she would, but the creator Danny Antonucc, said it would never happen:

The fan later asked why the series ended in the first place, Fitzgerald’s answer then being the nail in the coffin: Ratings weren’t the culprit for the show’s demise, it was because Antonucc chose to cancel it despite Cartoon Network’s attempt to continue it on for more seasons

Ed Edd & Eddy’ ran from 1999-2009 with 6 seasons, three holiday specials and a feature film. The series followed three preteens, Ed Edd & Eddy, as they hung out on their residential cul-de-sac conning their peers for money for jawbreaker candy.

Do you want the Ed’s to return? Sound off in the comments!

P.S I usually cover horror. But this show I used to watch religiously. It’s sad. Go follow @HMZHorror


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