If there was anything that “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” were more synonymous with than multicolored rangers striking kung-fu poses and leaping through the air at foam monsters, it’s the original theme song. I can’t even quantify the amount of times I caught myself blurting out “Go go Power Rangers!” while the theme bounced around in my head. If you were or are like me, you’re not alone.

A fan took the recently released THE POWER RANGERS film trailer and recut it in original series style, with the theme in the background. Prepare to return to your childhood.

Taking what little footage has been released, and using some voiceover work from the original series, the YouTube video matches the tone and feel of the original opening sequence.

Some of the old school fans haven’t reacted well to the tone of the new film, where it’s attempting to take a modern, big budgeted take to the franchise. While it appears they’re trying to keep some of the campiness, colorful poses, leaping Rangers, and over-the-top villains, using Kanye West’s music over everything made it feel far separated from its roots.

Much like the TRANSFORMERS franchise, the trailers make it seem like THE POWER RANGERS might be taking their premise a little too seriously, and that leaves some fans a little nervous. There is a lot of nostalgia built up around the original TV series, and now that fans are much older, we have to wonder if it will resonate with those audiences or if they will manage to bring in enough newer audiences to make it successful. For those that find themselves disconnected from the original look and feel, they have a bit of reprieve, and that original song, now bouncing inside their heads again.

Do you think that the new film looks like it’s trying to take itself too seriously? Are you into Kanye West’s “Power” introducing our heroes on film? Which trailer do you actually prefer?

We’ll get our chance to see how THE POWER RANGERS, with Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Becky G., Ludi Lin, RJ Cyler, and Bill Hader turns out when it hits theaters on March 24, 2017.


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