Editor’s note: This recap contains spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead, so if you haven’t watched it yet, then either accept your fate or prepare to weep hot, bitter tears. A man, a plan, a mega yacht.

The finale of Fear The Walking Dead‘s first season ended with a bang…and a boom…and a man having his face shorn off by a helicopter…and a metric ton of zombie mayhem. In “The Good Man”, our heroes finally prepared to leave their suburban prison and rescue their family members who were being held at the military hospital. Yet before Travis, Madison, Daniel, Ofelia and the kids can pack up the car and get the hell out of town, there’s the small matter of the soldier they have tied up in the basement. Corporal Andy may have lost several layers of skin, but he hasn’t lost his wits. The strapped-up soldier is about to get a bullet from Daniel’s pistol when Travis intervenes, prompting Reynolds to offer to navigate for them once they’re inside the compound. Surely he would have no reason to betray them, though, right?

Source: FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Finale Recap: ‘The Good Man’ | Nerdist

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