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Who else is hankering for Scream Queens’ season 3 and The Exorcist season 2? I know I am! But is there hope? Well..maybe. Recently at the Television Critics Association press tour, Wednesday in Pasadena, Calif., a journalist part in a small group of reporters asked FOX executives whether or not fans would get their Scream Queens’ renewal. And to the delight to Scream Queens’ fans everywhere FOX’s general answer was they’re happy with the series. But that doesn’t necessarily mean a season 3 is in order, just yet anyway. The network says they aren’t going to give an answer on Scream Queen’s fate until later this year. And the same goes for The Exorcist’.

“It’s very much still in consideration for a renewal, the ratings don’t tell the whole story; because its such a young audience, you can’t really even see the full picture even in L+3,” Said FOX executive David Madden on the fate of Scream Queens’.

Gary Newman though gave a more concrete answer “Like ‘Pitch’ and ‘The Exorcist’ we are not going to make any decisions until later this year. Obviously, we would have loved to have seen it do bigger numbers. The delayed viewing is there. It’s hard-to-reach younger audience, which we like, but we’re just going to have to see what our needs are when we get closer to May.”.

Too catch you up a bit: Scream Queens’ began its legacy with season 1’s campus massacre starring Skylar Samuels, Nick Jonas, Arianna Grande and Oliver Hudson alongside series regulars Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourde and Jamie Lee Curtis. Season 2 brought the survivors to obtain a brief internship as nurses with Curtis’s character Cathy Munsch as their boss, only for their occupations to be changed once again during season 2’s finale [SPOILER ALERT] making Robert’s character Chanel, a talk show personality and Curtis’s [character] a sex therapist.

The Exorcist’s legacy began with William Friedkin’s film based off of the late William Peter Blatty’s novel, The Exorcist’. The first film in a franchise of the same name based off the novel followed the life of 12 year old Reagan Macneil as she lived with her single mother. When young Reagan began experiencing signs of possession, she under-went numerous test before her atheist mother finally accepted the fact she might be possessed and got a local priest to finally performed an exorcism on her, which rid her of possession of the devil. FOX’s series followed a similar plot, following the story of a mother fearing her daughter was possessed only for the local priest to discover it with his own eyes and try to help rid the girl of the demon.

Both series seen a decline in ratings from Scream Queens’ losing near a million by the end of season 2 and The Exorcist losing nearly a million as well. Scream Queens’ started season 2 on a high note at a prizing 2 million + audience. But ended sadly with nearly a million viewers flipping the channel leaving Scream Queens’ at just a couple hundred over a million viewers. While The Exorcist’ started strong as well at almost 3 million viewers –a stellar 2.854 audience– the series declined in viewership as well ranking in after the finale at just under 2 million –a promising 1.754 audience–.

Apparently though Variety thinks Ryan Murphy might get his series [Scream Queens] renewed thanks to his relationship with FOX –Murphy’s responsible for the hit American Horror Story’ series, the critically acclaimed American Crime Story’ series and the highly anticipated upcoming anthology Fued’ all on FX–. So..fingers crossed!

Stay tuned! I’ll let you know when I hear more

R.I.P Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds mother and grandmother to Scream Queens’ Billie Lourde.


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