Our senior entertainment corespondent Jessica Dwyer reported this earlier on FanGirlMag.com

Empire_of_the_Dead_Act_One_1AMC is making room for more zombies.  George Romero’s Empire of the Dead is going to be joining the already uber famous Walking Dead as part of the networks slate of horror comic based series (Preacher is coming next year.)

The deal was announced Arthur Suydam during an interview with WHAS ABC “[Empire of the Dead] just got signed to AMC. The new big zombie series on AMC is expected to be this one right here,” 

This is major news for horror fans as Romero is the reason we have the massive amount of zombie entertainment we do now.  And the comic is fairly large in scope, involving the end of the world and not only zombies but vampires who are up to take over the world’s remaining human morsels.





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