At the end of season 6 on ‘The Walking Dead‘ the cliff hanger was huge. We saw the entire cast lined up before the show’s newest character Negan as he ponders which member will meet their demise at the end of his trusted baseball bat he calls Lucille. Leaving fans with the question ‘Which one did he kill’?

The lengths people are going to trying to discover this fact before the season 7 premier has become a little insane. It’s turned the GA set into a bit of a battle ground pitting the shows producers against prying eye’s of fans and or media.

Sources tell THR that each of the 11 cast members involved in the scene have already filmed a death scene. The Walking Dead producers and the episode director will then work with the show’s editors and pick the character who does indeed die.

Season seven of The Walking Dead will pick up immediately with Negan’s deadly swing, and as Morgan said, “you’ll see who was at the end of that bat and what happened from there,” while series creator/EP Robert Kirkman has said that Negan’s victim is “beloved to everyone.”

Fans are going to extreme lengths to discover details about the upcoming story line. Exec producer Scott M. Gimple said – “With the advent of drones, it can become such a game of cat and mouse that as far as sneaking a peek at the actors walking to set, we want to just keep our actors safe and the people who might be looking safe β€” like [when they’re] in the street,”. For her part, co-star Green noted that some actors have to be covered in hoods or moved around the locations in costume in order to protect who’s still alive on the series. “Sometimes you can tell a specific story point based on what someone’s wearing or what their makeup looks like β€” so in that case, we do what we can to cover in order to protect the story,” she said last year.

Here’s a clip of the Season 6 finale

the-walking-dead-key-art-2016 (2)

source: THR




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